Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Israel & Iran want to 'LIBERATE' Makkah

US Skirmishes with Iran--Cover for Shiite Attacks on Sunni Gulf

Is Israel Trying to Have Iran Invade Saudi Arabia?
See also US Allows Shiites to Steal Dozens of Sunni Mosques in Iraq

The "Islamic" revolution of Iran is a misnomer. Tehran has 1.5 million Sunnis. There are ten churches, four synagogues, but not a single solitary Sunni mosque in Tehran. Sunnis who constitute 90% of world Muslims are persecuted in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon where mostly Iran-based Shiites hold the reigns of power.

Shiites are allowed to perform pilgrimage to Mecca, but since Khomeini's rise to power in 1979, several Iranian leaders have revealed to the world their intention to "liberate Mecca."

The history of the Middle East shows that Shiites regularly allied themselves with foreign invaders. Mongolian, British, French and even Israeli occupiers of Arab lands relied on Shiite help in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The famous Sabra and Shatila massacres of Sunni Palestinians in Lebanon--that Sharon is credited with facilitating--were the work of the Amal Shiite militia in collaboration with Sharon. The Amal militias are now recast as Hezbollah.

"When the Riser rises, he will rule by the laws of David and destroy the Arabs," says a secret but well-documented Shiite prophecy. "Riser" is the Shiite Messiah, the twelveth Imam who is now said to be in hiding. In other words, Iran's ayatollahs are "Muslim Zionists."

Just like the Jewish community, the Shiite community believes that it is persecuted. Therefore, most Shiites cooperate unquestioningly with leaders "for the safety of the community."

Because of persecution, Shiites believe that they must lie and put on shows to send "the enemies" into the wrong direction. They also believe in sacrificing some Shiites for the good of the whole Shiite nation.

As in Lebanon, a new feigned conflict between Shiites (Iran) and a US-Israeli alliance would only cause the death of Sunnis and Americans.

Remember the bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983 by a Shiite-Israeli plot? Remember all the Sunni Palestinians killed in Lebanon by the collaboration between Israel and the Shiites of Syria and Lebanon?

Who is dying in Iraq today? You guessed it: mostly Sunnis and Americans.

Shiites have never been a real threat to Israel. In the Mideast deception games, the Shiites of Iran, Syria and Lebanon actually lend Israel their support by staging incidents or making outrageous statements.

Skirmishes with Iran would give Iran an excuse to attack the Sunni Persian Gulf. Israel's dream of invading Saudi Arabia would come true, although by proxy. And Shiites would also fulfil their own dream of "liberating Mecca."

Sunni, buyer beware!

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