Wednesday, January 17, 2007


One of the best movies I've ever watched!

See how oil plays an important factor in world's economy and politics. The US will do anything to protect its own interest in Middle East, even if that means to assassinate a prince that is committed towards reforming his father's kingdom into a modern, democratic and developed nation. The US prefers the autocratic rule to remains as long as the conservative regime supports US interest. It also portrays how CIA works, they will easily find a scape goat whenever a problem occurs. The movie also shows how corruption leads to unemployment, and unemployment is a dangerous situation that can cause people to do the unthinkable.

Quote from a review of a US citizen on this movie:
I walked out of this movie feeling pretty depressed. As a historian, I always knew there have been forces at work in our society that act against the best interest of the average citizen. This film does an excellent job of illustrating just how politics and big business conspire to preserve the status quo which also protects their power and profits. The global interaction depicted in this film shows how all actions have consequences. The thirst our nation has for oil drives the kind of political and business policies that cause anger and hatred towards our nation. This oil addiction has led to an unjust war that was started on lies and disinformation. The result has been the deaths of over 2000 US servicemen and women, thousands more injured and tens of thousands Iraqi dead and wounded. This act has been the best tool Islamic terrorist groups have ever had in attracting followers and money to their cause. Those that attack this film obviously buy into the fantasy that America is involved in Iraq and the Middle East due to our sincere desire to spread "democracy." Anyone who is willing to have an open mind will find this film to be chilling for the implications of the storyline. This film is a must see for those who care about how the behavior of our government and big business impacts us in our everyday lives and how it will contribute to further terrorist attacks for decades to come. A well researched story with excellent actors for the numerous roles. I will buy this as soon as it comes out on DVD.
It is a must see movie. It helps a lot in understanding the current world situation.
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